Construction Materials Institute: In this part, you can see different parts of the investigation of fresh properties of concrete, I explored each section in the following

Note: each video uploaded from my previous researches about self-consolidating concrete, moreover, I have a limited allowance to present other experiments as compressive strength, electrical resistance and so on.

Slump and T50:



U-box and L-box:

Dr Mahdi Shariati Lab., I have Experimentally worked on different Mechanical and Chemical properties of a Novel-Fibrous Previous Concrete

Using Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA), to reduce using the Natural Aggregates
Using Waste Plastic Bottles in the Concrete Mixture
Using Industrial P.P. Fibres in Concrete Mixture
Using Waste Palm Fibres in the Concrete Mixtures
Evaluating the Permeability of Concrete
Evaluate the Concrete Spalling