About Me

The journey I traveled, challenges I dealt and what is my horizons

When I was an undergraduate student, I found that I have a great passion for experimental studies on the concrete. Therefore, I joined the Construction Material Institute at the University of Tehran, the No. 1 University in our country. Under the supervision of strong faculties, I accomplished a comprehensive study on the cement replacement materials and equipped myself with the knowledge and experience of the Rheological and Mechanical tests of Self Consolidating Concrete. Based on the confidence I gained during my research at CMI, I started to study for higher education national exam and had the honour of being selected as the top 2 per cent of all national participants.

Following my interests in concrete, I entered K. N. Toosi University of Technology and focused on the Linear and Non-Linear Time-dependent Behavior of Reinforced Concrete, environmental issues and eco-efficiency of concrete with Dr. Bahram Beheshti who is well known in this area in our country. Although this topic was one of my favourite subjects, the required equipment significantly limited the experimental side of the study, and that was an initiation thaught to find more equipped resources for my prospective degree. In the meanwhile, as a structural engineer, I saw the Fire engineering and the behaviour assessments of the steel connections exciting; then I worked with Dr Mahdi Shariati on the behaviour of different types of shear connectors at elevated temperatures, and novel-fibrous pervious concrete. However, even in this area no labs found to have the appropriate equipment to investigate the behaviour of new connections under fire loading.

As I started my experimental works on concrete and developed my research area along with the construction materials, Linear and Non-Linear behaviour, reinforced concrete, steel connection design, and fire loading, it grows a great interest in my mind about the experimental works in these areas which need to continue in a PhD program. I genuinely wish to attend a prestigious university to have outstanding graduate research.

Along with my academic background and based on my active personality, I worked for four years in the Tehran urban and suburban railway projects as a Structural Engineer. As a member of a team consisting twelve engineers, my principal obligations were: designing concrete and steel components (steel beam to column connections, reinforced concrete elements, etc.) by the Abaqus, scrutinizing the applied approaches in the project, and making a comprehensive CPM for the project. The nature of my tasks trained me how to face different challenges, how to communicate with professionals and how to perform team works.

All in all, I developed my abilities as ABAQUS skill, data analysis and define a practical approach for the experiment. These practical experiences have broadened my horizons about forthcoming education.