ABAQUS Modelling

In this Part, you can see a range of modelling for different verification and studies:


Specific Shear connector

In this part, I tried to have reliable verification, to evaluate the behaviour of this specific shear connector in the high temperatures

Fire Loading

After achieve a reliable model, I applied the Fire loading to evaluate the behaviour of the composite shear connector in higher temperature

Curved Steel Damper

In this section I had verify a new curved damper used in beam-to-column connection


A Novel Composite Damper

This was a try to design a new brace with a great deal of energy-dissipation along its simple mechanism, however, this modelling has never progressed into new study phase for a couple of reasons. To design a new composite brace, I designed a new Semi-Spherical shape brace, however, this project does not complete.

A concrete filled tube poured with Water

This was a try to understand the behaviour of steel-tubes where poured with water instead of concrete.